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October, 2012

Imagine this situation: you are the director of a business in an environment that is constantly changing, thus compelling you take key decisions for the future of the business several times a year. You used to have to do this just once a year, and not so long ago once every 3 years! To do this you have to step back in order to take a sufficiently high-level view for strategic decision-making. At the same time however, in order to maintain the profitability of your business, it is essential to monitor all processes extremely closely and to immediately correct any deviation from the norm, which therefore means that you have to have your finger constantly on the pulse. Read more

Two companies, two departments or two teams merge. The objective of this merger was to raise performance levels but in reality, it is the opposite that has happened.  The new combined structure performs less well than before. The two component entities had different codes of conduct, their own rituals and habits and did not always give the same meaning to the same words. As a result, relations between people who work in this new structure are riddled with misunderstandings and mutual incomprehension. The good reflexes and “clever tricks” of before are now counter-productive. Decision-making processes have slowed down, lead times have lengthened and costs have increased. Read more

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