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April, 2013

ImplicationContinuation of our discussions with Marc Deluzet (1), around the subject of his collaborative work on “Large-scale corporate transformation” (2). [Read the first part : 1. On work people do…] 2.  On participation… AM+DA: Sustainable change cannot happen without participatory processes. Because if people cannot participate, they cannot understand and they cannot learn, and therefore their willingness to commit themselves is diminished. On this principle, we are once again on the same wavelength with you.

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Marc DeluzetMarc Deluzet (1), co-author of a collective publication on the subject of “Large-scale corporate transformation” (2), has agreed to compare his viewpoint on how to tackle difficult transformation projects with our own. What follows is a transcript of the first part of the interview.

AM+DA: In your book La grande transformation de l’entreprise, you formulate a series of proposals for transformations to perform within a company in order to enable it to “sustainably combine the quest for competiveness, ecological concern and social welfare”.  In your opinion these are the key conditions required, in the 21st century, for a company to enjoy long-lasting prosperity.

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