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October, 2013

tandemA Director’s role is to decide what direction the company should take and then to define what changes need to be made in terms of strategy or organization in order to keep on track towards this goal. However, because they are not sufficiently aware of what really goes on at grass roots level, directors tend to have difficulty in handling the operational implementation of the required changes. First-line managers on the other hand, are able to put their finger on what is working and what is not working, but are often somewhat clumsy about presenting this information to their directors, if there are opportunities to do so. They find it difficult to distance themselves from the issue and are unable to grasp the complexity of the constraints that the directors have to work within. To successfully implement change, practical answers are needed to find ways of helping the directors and the people out in the field to interact. Let’s take a look at a concrete example, inspired by missions that we have recently accomplished. Read more

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