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Some examples…

For a railway company
Executive and local manager coaching to accompany a switch to a more flexible work organisation in a somewhat tense social climate with a strong union presence

For a logistics company
In the wake of a new IT organization imposed by the group at European level, provision of guidance in change management to managers and grass roots people of the IT division in France

For a freight charterer Diagnosis of the economic and managerial efficiency of a work flexibility agreement and facilitation of relations between management and workers’ representatives in the definition of a new collective agreement

For an IT joint venture
… between a container shipping group with a pronounced service culture and a systems provider with a strong process-based culture. Our mission was to find ways of helping the two populations to communicate with one another

For a railway company
Management coaching with a view to successfully managing the “human” issues associated with a reorganization of the sales teams of a railway station

For a leading retail chain Brief: to propose an efficient work organization that would also reduce absenteeism. Deployment throughout the brand’s chain of 400 hypermarkets

For a fast-moving consumer goods company
Following a merger of the sales forces of two of the group’s companies, key input provided to a joint Management/Union project aimed at aligning practices and improving sales reps’ working conditions

For a hospital
Social audit of the surgical unit followed by proposal of an action plan for change, mobilizing doctors, para-medics and administrative staff, encouraging them to go outside their respective professional comfort zones

For a regional health authority
Developing cooperation between two departments working on a common process and whose teams previously worked in organizations with a very different culture and status

For a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products
Study aimed at identifying the company’s “DNA” in order to detect levers for transforming practices

For a bank
To transform the group’s management values into concrete actions

For a space research center
Moderation of executive committee meetings for the rocket launcher business: strengthening cohesion of leaders in a highly uncertain business environment

For the catering department of a management school
In-depth analysis of the running of the school’s restaurant followed by provision of management coaching in the concrete implementation of new practices

For a research center
Delivery of seminars for the Administration and Finance departments, covering topics such as: working more effectively together, working more effectively with research people, managing change (new in-house processes and control procedures)

For a railway company
Simplifying HR processes and redefining HR roles & responsibilities between corporate, regional and local levels

For a railway company
Diagnosis of the HR function of the rolling stock division followed by coaching in the implementation of newly-defined work procedures

For a leading service company
Design & delivery of half-day practice exchange groups on “digital management” (enterprise social network, remote working platforms, etc…)

For a state-owned corporation
Following a diagnosis of psychosocial risks, provision of advice on the operational action plan to implement, coordination of this action plan, input on decision-making processes of the executive committee

For the EIG formed by two mutual insurance companies
Supporting the executive team in setting up the EIG and then helping managers to successfully unite the teams containing members from the two companies, supporting and assisting HR people in their dealings with unions

For a public institution
Mobilization seminars to ensure the success of elections of delegates and administrators, with 2 key objectives: to encourage younger people and women to put themselves forward as candidates and to motivate members to vote

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