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Who is David Askienazy?

By Antoine des Mazery

My first meeting with David dates back to 1998. As young consultants we travelled all over France for a large state-owned corporation that was going to have to rapidly adapt to the deregulation of its market and the ensuing competition. Our mission was to find out what people working at the grass roots thought about this. We spent long evenings together in cut-price hotels comparing our analysis of the different interviews and coming to realize that we had convergent points of view as to the recommendations that we were going to present to the company’s executive committee. This assignment gave birth to a deep-seated complicity between us, a fact that neither of us will deny.

David is curious by nature, always keen to listen to new ideas and different points of view. He takes them and turns them into concrete actions for rolling out a strategy. What I find most astonishing about David is his natural ability to bring an offbeat insight to what you are telling him. He incites you to look at the issue from another perspective and enables you to find solutions that you would otherwise never have thought of.

David is truly at ease with complex situations. His shrewd understanding of stakeholder interaction enables him to break the deadlock in crisis situations and to get all of the players in a project working towards a common goal. If he is able to win their trust, it is also because he presents them with realistic solutions and alternatives.

If I had to sum up David in a few words, this is what I would say: a consultant who knows how to combine innovative approaches, situational awareness and personalized management coaching input to help executives to handle large-scale change and to get through times of difficulty.

Who is Antoine des Mazery?

By David Askienazy

At first a colleague, but after several years of working together, Antoine is today a very great friend of mine. It’s difficult for me to be objective in introducing him to you, but I’ll give it a try, as I guess I’m pretty well placed to do so!

If you work with Antoine, you need to know that he will seize the problem that you present to him by the horns and fearlessly examine all of the pitfalls of the project.  He is able to defend his point of view with total conviction, but without ever being dogmatic in his approach. And let me also tell you that Antoine is an ever-flowing source of innovative and pertinent ideas about what an organization can do to bring out the very best in itself.

I think that it is also important to tell you about what Antoine likes about being a consultant. It’s very simple indeed, Antoine enjoys working with people. Wherever they may be in the company, whatever their position and role. He likes to get right to the heart of their profession, to understand the sense of what they do, to understand the techniques that they use.  When Antoine is called upon to moderate a work group of production operators or to feed back recommendations to an Executive Committee on how to manage a major transformation in their organization, people listen to him because what he says, what he proposes, “speaks” directly to his audience.

You can no doubt deduce from all of this what it is that Antoine’s clients like about him: he doesn’t give up until a result has been achieved, and the solutions that he puts forward are coherent with the executive team’s stakes, the middle manager’s operational constraints and the day-to-day realities and motivations of those working out in the field.

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